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solar power system
We are at a point where it is more vital than ever today to embrace a defendable environment for the environment. The growing expansion about environmental humiliation leading to problems like global warming has assured the switch to clean, economical, and sustainable energy. Whether you realize it or not, the solar power system will be...
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The installation of solar power systems has a tremendous rise at great haste in recent times. Solar installation has manifest to be very effective and eco-friendly in extended or long-term use along with fiscal benefits such as reducing electricity bills and government subsidies. Solar panels are typically placed on a rooftop or in an upraised...
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1.How much area is needed for a solar power plant installation? It totally depends on the aggregate of kW of MW you would like to adapt. In general, a simple rule of thumb is to hold 100 sqft for every 1kW of solar panels. For example, if you require an 800-watt load for your house,...
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In this era, a considerable proportion of house owners and companies are progressively fascinated in developing their lifestyle more sustainable by installing solar panels. But most of the users become doubtful regarding the lifespan of the plant and the worth of their investment. Depending on the manufacturer, the solar panels’ performance can be guaranteed for 25 –...
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As human beings, we tend to lose our stamina and energy; hence, to regain it, we consume vitamins and nutritional supplements, which leads us to go. In the same way, in the case of solar plants, with time, their efficiency also gets reduced due to various internal and external environment; hence, in that case, you...
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Summers are great as you enjoy vacations, there are many activities which we Indians align during summers, and we all have our unique stories related to summers. But along with these perks we also have to bear heat which allows us to operate many gadgets such as coolers, Air conditioners, fans and one thing which...
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As observed there were major issues encountered in Phase-I of RTS programme such as Delay in tendering, involvement of multiple stakeholder, Lack of uniform regulation/awareness and the fact that the consumer approach multiple agencies for getting a RTS plant installed. Hence they have implemented the programme by making the DISCOMs and its local offices as...
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Even though we have started 2020 with a lot of disappointments due to pandemic, we still have a brighter side to look at the solar industry. The government is initiating steps by coming up with few manufacturing-linked tenders for setting the base for solar capacities and has also introduced a standard custom duty on imports....
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When you plan to go Solar, there is a feeling of “sense of belongingness” towards society as you are now contributing your bit towards the significant environment. In recent years the Solar industry has seen incredible advancements. A lot of companies are coming up with the minimal cost of equipment, installation and maintenance facilities which...
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SolarSmiths has always enriched your knowledge on Solar Power System and its advantages. There has been a lot of talk about Solar energy and its practical value, especially during the crisis and how it can be along with term planned investment. But when we discuss this topic, there is one common myth which is assumed...
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